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Clinique Tunisie


Established 25 years ago, Polyclinique El Menzah is located in a residential area of Tunis city, just a 10-minutes drive from Tunis-Carthage Int’l Airport and embassies.
Nearby ‘Belvédère Park’ offers patients a pleasant surrounding natural environment.

Polyclinique El Menzah is accredited by the tunisian Ministry of Public Health.

Guided tour
Polyclinique El Menzah is a state-of- the- art clinic
equipped with the latest technology and modern
facilities enabling high levels of quality and safety, including three perfectly-equipped operating theatres
and an intensive care unit, for all types of aesthetic treatments..
You may choose between individual rooms or ‘’Grand Luxe’’ suites.
All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with satellite TV.
A clinic with a good reputation will always offer you the best. Our motivated team of highly trained nurses and assistants is genuinely committed to providing your with attentive and thorough care within a safe and comfortable environment.

Chirurgie esthetique Tunisie

Polyclinique Tunisie  est un établissement de soins médicaux réputé par la qualité irréprochable de ses soins, du savoir-faire de son personnel paramédical, humain et accueillant et de son équipe médicale hautement qualifiée.
Clinique Tunisie propose un centre technique de pointe et un savoir faire inégalée en urologie, les tumeurs vésicales, les adénomes de la prostates, la lithotripsie par l'urétéroscopie et la vésicule biliaire par la  cholécystectomie.

Polyclinique Tunisie soigne les hernies discales et pratique les interventions prothèses totales de la hanche et prothèses totales des genoux.

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